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In D.M. 31.01.2001, the MURST (Ministry of the University and the Scientific and Technological Research) published the final ranking of the several Excellence Centres to be financed on the basis of the assessment board for the year 2000.
The Excellence Centres presence to the MURST evaluation is one of the characterizing elements of the national research policy. In particular, MURST selects, with triennial cadence and after appropriate announcement, research projects aiming at the development of centres of excellence of research both at universities and high schools. MURST takes part into these projects by providing financial contributes to the projects realization and enactment, both for the logistic aspects (structures, systems, hardware equipments), and for starting research in specific areas.

Necessary requirements for the research centres to be supported by MURST are:
  • the fields of specialization should be interdisciplinary to the aim of acquiring, in the long run, opportunities for interdependency and technological convergence to the economical and social innovation;
  • integration of the several research activities with advanced training activities in order to enhance the scientific and technological national foundation and to create enterprise initiatives within innovative economical activities; acquisition of science-industry partnerships to support research on strategies for medium-large enterprises and to attract foreign investments from multinational companies in fields of highly intensity of acquaintance;
  • choice of organizational strategies coherent with the development of networks for national and international cooperation, attracting Italian researchers working abroad and scientific personalities
    at international level, also mobility of researchers among Universities, and public and private research centres.



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