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Nome e Cognome: Thierry BODHUIN
Titolo: Research Software Engineer : Metodi e strumenti per lo sviluppo di applicazioni in ambienti di rete eterogenei
email: bodhuin@unisannio.it
Telefono: 0824 30 55 53
Data inizio attivitą in RCOST: Maggio 2003
Software Engineer, Start-up founder, Consultant in distributed architecture (Corba, Web Architecture, E-Business Architecture and Distributed Integration Solutions) for Matra Marconi Space France, Alcatel Space France and Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Salerno.
He comes from the software engineering research areas (Center of Software of Maintenance in Durham and participation in European Software engineering projects) with a strong interest in the companies’ main business.
His main interests are the distributed software architectures and the evolution of these architectures from client/server to dynamic networks services. He worked as consultant and technical expert for several international companies and is a founder of the Artal Technologies company in France involving around 30 consultant engineers for telecom, space and other domains companies. He has been involved in projects using RPC, Databases/Web integration, XML messages or Corba technologies for communication technologies, X-Window system, Motif, Ilog View or Java AWT and Swing for graphical interfaces, and relational databases, XML or Object databases for repositories. He is currently interested in dynamic network services and integration between different networks infrastructures.
Aree di interesse:
Distributed Application Architectures, Web Applications, Heterogeneous Networks, Software and Hardware Integration, …
Progetti In corso:
Inizio Partecipazione
Nome Progetto
May 2003
Component based developmenent description
Network Integration platform,…
Aprile 2003
Development of a Web application
Masters« Tecnologie e Gestione del Software » in Ariano Irpino (Italy)
Several Seminari (Telecom and Mobile IP , Java Servlet/JSP and Jini Technology)
Tutor Senior for Students Workgroups and Stage period
Tutor for laboratory: C++, Java, GUI, …
Inizio Partecipazione
Nome Progetto
Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Salerno: Sep 1999 -> Aprile 2003 (Part time)
Technical Manager for M&S SW Project
Alcatel Space France: Sep 1999 -> Dec. 2001 (Full time then Part time) Internal Project for IT Department for supporting the documentation transfers between actors of Multi international companies Skybridge Satellite Constellation
E-Business communications for Project Management’s Document

Web Applications integration with Projects Management Databases

Artal Technologies:
1998 -> Dec 2001
Start-up creation
based on Matra Marconi Space resources
Founder of Artal Technologies and consultant activities for Space, telecom and automotive companies
Matra Marconi Space France: 1991 -> 1998
2 International European Research projects ROSE, EPSOM. Ariane Space projects support and technological expertise activities
Software Engineer
(Analysis, Specification and Development of several software systems)
Riferimento Bibliografico
Tesi di Master of Science
Bodhuin T., An Interaction paradigm for Impact Analysis, Tesi di MSc, Durham, England, 1995
International Conferences
Barros S., Bodhuin T., Escudié, Queille J. P.and Voidrot J. F., Supporting Impact Analysis : A Semi-Automated Technique and Associated Tool, Proc. of International Conference on Software Maintenance, Nizza, Francia, IEEE Comp.Soc. Press, September 16-20, 1995
Albanese C., Bodhuin T., Guardabascio E. and Tortorella M., A Toolkit for Applying a Migration Strategy: a Case Study, Proc. of CSMR 2002, 6th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, Budapest, Hungary, Marzo 11-13, 2002
Bodhuin T., Pizzulo P. and Tortorella M., Experience Report for Web-Enabling an Information System, Proc. of DBMR 2002, Database Maintenance and Reengineering Workshop (DBMR'2002), Montreal, Canada, October 1, 2002
Bodhuin T., Guardabascio E. and Tortorella M., Migrating COBOL Systems to the WEB by using the MVC Design Pattern, Proc. of 9th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, Richmond, Virginia, USA, IEEE Comp.Soc. Press, October 28 - November 1, 2002
Bodhuin T., Pizzulo P. and Tortorella M., Migrating Data-Centric Systems toWeb-Enabled Systems, Proc. of SEA 2002, 6th IASTED International Conference Software Engineering and Applications, Cambridge, USA, November 4-6, 2002
Bodhuin T, Tortorella M., A Toolkit for Developing Web-based Information Systems: Case Studies, Proc. of COMPSAC 2003, Dallas, Texas, USA, IEEE Comp Soc. Press, Novembre 3-6, 2003
Submitted to Conferences
Aversano L., Bodhuin T., Canfora G., Tortorella M., WebEv - a Parametric Environment for Supporting GQM Measurement
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